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Yelda Celik:

" ... this trip was so rich with personal experiences and cultural & personal relations. It is difficult to extract one highlight. If I pick one, I would just neglect the other. The idea of stopping the wedding car outside Kusadasi and asking for an envelope (of money) was unbelievable. I would never imagine doing so in Canada ! Mr. Kosagan, how will we ever thank you for arranging Yelda to be our tour guide ... "
Party Dorothy Princeller / Kusadasi with Yelda in 2009

Yes, things, as you see, are different with Yelda. She is there with you not to explain Ephesus only !
Yelda is one of our team members stationed in Kusadasi/Ephesus area, leading tours in English since 1998 and a member of our team from 2008 onwards.
Her professional tour guiding license number is 35 / 2196.
Presenting our core team...
We feel privileged to be sided by every single member of our team.
Simply, they deserve the best of everything.
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